Kayak from Hume Weir to Albury

Bronwyn kayaking steadily down the glassy flat water of the Murray.

Bronwyn kayaking steadily down the glassy flat water of the Murray.

The Murray River flows downstream about 4 km an hour.  It is 30 km from Hume Weir to Noreuil Park. After a few phone calls we found someone with a trailer to drive us with our two kayaks the 30 km to Hume Weir. We launched just below the Weir at about 9:15am.

The river was tranquil with only the breeze whispering, birds twittering and the splash of our paddles as we floated downstream.  We were told if we followed the right-hand bank we wouldn’t get lost or go over a spilling weir.

After we had travelled 5 km I realised the GPS was not on.  Paddling to the bank we retrieved it out of the dry bag and started it. There are many beautiful places to stop and listen or admire the scenery.  Paddling down river was one of the easiest trips I’ve ever done as there was no wind, no waves nor was there any other craft to avoid. If we stayed in the middle of the river we were able to miss all the fallen trees and debris. Stopping for lunch was an adventure as the river was flowing so fast.  Paddling over to a little bay off the river proved a challenge as fast manoeuvring and a speedy exit from the boats was needed. I missed the little bay and was caught in the current.  Roy had landed at the bay and I was floating slowly downstream.  I quickly jumped out and held onto my kayak as the water was trying to drag it out of my grasp.  Luckily the water was very shallow and I won the battle.  The kookaburras were laughing at me while I was being swept downstream.

Sunlight bouncing off the Murray as we picnic on a tiny island.

Sunlight bouncing off the Murray as we picnic on a tiny island.

Sitting on the grassy bank eating our lunch was delightful with the occasional kookaburra laughing and fish jumping out of the water and plopping back with a splash. Over lunch we dreamt of paddling to Adelaide along the Murray. After lunch we had to be quick getting into our kayaks before they floated downstream without us. During the second half of the trip we played a bit more doing races and speed tests. We landed back at Noreuil Park about 2:00pm with big grins, congratulating each other. By the end of the 30 km on the river I gave up ideas of paddling to Adelaide as I prefer the challenge of ocean conditions with salt and wind in my face and a swell to run down.


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