Kayak Metung to Lakes Entrance

Metung boat ramp.

Metung boat ramp.

We woke to a calm, cloudy morning.  A day made for kayaking.

After launching our kayaks at Shavings Point, Metung we paddled towards Lakes Entrance.

On the way past Chinaman’s Creek we saw black swans floating ahead of us.  We paddled quietly trying to creep up.  They knew we were behind them and kept ahead of us until we increased our speed. I listened as they took off with a flap of wings flipping a shower of sea water over us.

All along the lakeside are sandy beaches to land if we needed a rest or just to sit.

There were several Little Terns circling above.  All of a sudden one would dive beak first directly into the lake.  He has missed the fish and up to the sky he had to fly to spot another fish.

Lakes Entrance from lookout.

Lakes Entrance from lookout.

Roy had planned a 20km trip so we kept going.  Also we wanted to travel with the outward tide and back with the inward tide.

The only tricky part of the journey was The Narrows.  This is where the tide is rushing fast through a channel.

Dredge at Lakes Entrance.

Dredge at Lakes Entrance.

We thought we’d paddle to the bridge that crosses over to Main Beach, the surf beach that faces Bass Straight.

It added a couple of kilometres against the tide to our trip.  Our reward was going to be an ice-cream after our lunch.

We were half way through our picnic lunch and the kiosk closed.  Oh! No treat.

Launching after lunch we were with the tide for a short distance away from the town of Lakes Entrance.  Then we had to carefully and swiftly cut across the fast flowing outgoing tide as we went past the entrance to the sea.

Panorama of lakes Entrance.

Panorama of lakes Entrance.

The remainder of the trip past the islands of Rigby, Fraser and Flannagan was tiring as we worked against the tide.

Pulling over to Baxter (Pelican) Island, where the swans nest, we snacked on a nectarine and grapes.

The next little section past Baxter Island was very shallow and the rocks must have been the swan’s toilet.  Wow did it smell.

On the trip there was virtually no wind nor waves but the paddle had to be the hardest I’d done.  Not the most exhilarating or exciting just long but very peaceful as the kayaks glided slowly home.

Map of Lakes Entrance.

Map of Lakes Entrance.

I felt in my bones that we had paddled much more than 20 km but Roy assured me it was 20 km.  I had paddled 20 km many times and my body did not hurt this much.  Everything was aching.

When we finally landed at 6:30pm and retrieved the GPS out of its dry bag we had actually paddled 32 km.

Landing on the shore was a relief and felt so good to get out of the boat.  I walked up the hill carrying my half of the kayaks like a very old lady.

After a lovely hot shower and a meal in the van I was like brand new.


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