OOH A Surprise!!!!!

Monday 21 November 2016 was the start of my birthday celebration month. I’ll drag it out for as long as I can. I’m only sixty once.

I received a beautiful bracelet and ear rings from Jo and Stephane. Thanks Jo & Stephane.

Bronwyn with diamond and silver ear drops and bracelet, with flowering gum tree.

Bronwyn with diamond and silver ear drops and bracelet, with flowering gum tree.


The next treat was a secret adventure.  Over the past month Brenda has been plotting and planning a treat for my birthday.  I was told to keep 23 November free and wear smart casual.

I thought they may have planned a bush walk or beach walk or meal on the Harbour.  The morning dawned a hot 31 º.  I changed my clothes four times before I was happy.  I’m glad I changed.  I wore a lovely floral dress.

We left home and turned left at York St so I knew we weren’t going north or west.  We stopped at Strathfield Station and caught a train to Central. That narrowed the list of options.

When we were nearly at the theatre I said to Roy “We are going to the theatre”.  He didn’t say anything.  It was a surprise for Naomi’s graduation as well as my birthday and she had no idea where we were going.

Brenda had purchased tickets for Naomi and me to the theatre.  I still didn’t know what we were going to see.  Naomi knew then.


Naomi holding Princess Jasmine and Aladdin dolls.

She showed me the dressed teddy but I wasn’t familiar with their clothing.  I really had no idea.  They might be fancy pirate costumes so I said “Pirates of Penzance”.  I hadn’t heard it was showing.  Naomi laughed “no”.  She was a tease she wouldn’t tell me.  My eyes lit up “Aladdin”!


Roy and Bronwyn holding Aladdin Teddy.

Roy and I haven’t seen the Disney film.  We didn’t know the story line.  It was a new adventure for us.  I remembered a little Golden Book we had for our kids. The forty thieves wore haram Ali Baba trousers.


Brenda holding Aladdin teddy, and Bronwyn.

The actors were energetic.  Their costumes were spectacular, vivid and sparkly.   The production had beautiful music and singing.  Many heart stopping moments and a few tear jerkers.  Lots of subtle jokes and bad puns as well.

Aladdin was magical.


Brenda, Naomi, Bronwyn throwing silver streamer.


Afterwards we had organised to be at Luke & Beth’s for a meal at 5:00pm. We would have made it easily if the Sydney traffic wasn’t so horrendous. It took us 2 hours to go 30kms.


Naomi and baby Fletcher.

We finally got there and ate yummy salads and pizza. Beth made the salads and a delicious birthday cake.


Bronwyn and Beth birthday party.  Brenda, Luke, Michael and Fletcher, Beth and Imogen, Noah, Roy and Bronwyn.

An exciting start to the beginning of my month long birthday.

Naomi at Luke and Beth's place.

Naomi at Luke and Beth’s place.

Thanks to Jo and Stephane for the jewellery, to Brenda for the ticket to the show and Beth and Luke for the delicious meal. Thanks to our chauffeur Roy.

I look forward to at least 40 more birthdays.

Lots of love Bronnie.


4 thoughts on “OOH A Surprise!!!!!

  1. Benni says:

    Hi Bron Happy 60th birthmonth xxx. hope it continues on and on… was an amazing show. lots of laughs and songs and dancing. love your sister Benni xx


  2. Lonie Foote says:

    Go Girl, live it up. I’m glad to be part of your birthday celebrations. Looking forward to seeing you and Roy tomorrow night. Lonie & Pete


  3. Good work you sixty year old.

    The pictures look like those of a child let loose in a sweet shop, tasting everything. Your happiness is palpable and it is a joy to see. I wish for many such times for you in the coming decade. Happy birthday dear Bronwyn.

    Lesley XXX


  4. Darilyn says:

    Hi Bronni, Glad you had such a nice day out to Aladdin & then Birthday Party with your family members. Love your sister-in-law, Darilyn xo.


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